Hip-Hop Loves Obama

January 24, 2017 JLin 0

Although in the previous post, I riled up a storm with all of the hate that is headed Donald Trump’s way, let’s not forget about […]

Exclusive Interview: Lando Skyy

December 27, 2016 JLin 0

Straight out of Flint, Michigan, and transforming his pain stemming from a global epidemic into an educational track that stats nothin’ short of the facts, […]

Tech N9ne: ‘The Storm’

December 18, 2016 JLin 0

Tech N9ne has been a class act and highly critical figure within the Hip-Hop world ever since the mysterious man from Kansas dropped his debut […]

Ladies in the Pen

December 5, 2016 JLin 0

Life in the pen ain’t for anyone. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Rising to fame while at the top of […]