6LACK: ‘Free 6LACK’

February 8, 2017 JLin 0

24 year-old Atlanta soulful spitta, 6LACK, has a flow that is on fire over his debut album, ‘Free 6LACK’, that touches base on the days […]

Hip-Hop Rewind: Murphy Lee

February 6, 2017 JLin 0

Trust me, I’m thinking the same. What in the world ever happened to Nelly’s homeboy, Murphy Lee? Busting out club bangers such as “Air Force […]

Hip-Hop Legends: Taleb Kweli

February 4, 2017 JLin 0

Routinely embodying the best version of himself and embodying the inner contentment that he has accessed through lyrically spittin’ what he felt at the very […]

Hip-Hop Soldiers: Young Buck

February 3, 2017 JLin 0

Although the man and Tennessee gangster rapper currently earned himself a spot in the pen, true Hip-Hop heads have been riding with Young Buck ever […]