6LACK: ‘Free 6LACK’

24 year-old Atlanta soulful spitta, 6LACK, has a flow that is on fire over his debut album, ‘Free 6LACK’, that touches base on the days that he wasn’t eating and how he took the time to find himself and ensure that he was ready to musically deliver when his destined time in the spotlight came to life. As one of the lead highlights on the “watch for” list in the world of Hip-Hop in 2017, 6LACK, is just beginning and with tracks such as “Learn Ya”, “Rules”, “Worst Luck” and “Ex Calling”, there’s no denying that he is focused and ready to take the trophy. The beats that add depth to the lyrical content have a dose of electronic roots that truly transcend the mainstream and typical of sellout Hip-Hop albums these days. 6LACK is inevitably a trendsetter who knows that he will get better and better each and every single day at his craft if he simply chooses to. Here are five of 6LACK’s hottest rhymes.

“It seems like everybody got something to say
Everybody got a look they tryna get off of their face
Everybody got an opinion
And I don’t want one
Trying to tell me a better way to do some shit
That you ain’t ever done
Sips drink in the booth
Black down to my shoes
Kick shit with my troops
Kicking shit, Ryu
You not with the shit why you
Front for those who don’t matter
When they not thinking about you
If I learned anything
It would probably be to listen more than I talk
And don’t brag about what I got
Just multiply what I brought
I never dwell on a loss
Never give a nigga sauce
He might run off with it all”

Track – “Alone/EA6”

“I know a lot of people but I don’t fuck with a lot
Got me standing here when I just wanna leave the spot
Thinking bout a whip and man I might just cop the drop
Just so they could think I’m friendly when I’m not
Arm out the window like yessir
Right good, working on my left bruh
Man I got my shit together then I stepped up
I got tired of niggas telling me I’m next up
Old label wasn’t talking bout nothing
Meanwhile I’m getting ready for a run
I ain’t sitting, I ain’t talking, I ain’t hustling with you niggas
Fuck around and y’all gon’ make me push a button on you niggas, ay
I got a baby on the way
I think about it everyday
They think that paper gon’ change me
I do this shit for my baby
I do this shit for my niggas
And we go way back just like crack in the muhfuckin 80’s
This flow is crazy, yeah-yeah-yeah
Yeah, nigga this flow is crazy
I don’t fear no man or no object
Bullfighter, I’ve been working on my sidestep
I know preparation gets you through the process
Look at all the progress”

Track – “Never Know”

“Do you still scroll through them texts messages
This henny got me thinkin bout the things that you said
It was real
For real
Up for three weeks
Feeling half past dead
Sitting here reflecting
On what’s in my head
And how I feel
I’m running low so don’t play with my time
I’m searching but it’s nothing left to find
Send out a call but no one’s on the line
So if you want it please make up your mind”

Track – “Luving U”

“Am I asking for too much
Like all my vouchers are all used up
Like do you really want a new love?
Feel like you’re out here tryna choose up
Look I’ve been out here doing backflips
Like I was training for Olympics
To all the niggas tryna pocket watch
Just know that bag got a little big”

Track – “Rules”

“You still got a lot to learn
I ain’t saying im the best
Im saying I got a lot to work with
Fuck talking we capped enough
I ain’t trying to make it look like I just wanna fuck
Im just trying to show this ain’t no temporary love
I think you need to Let me learn ya something
How you gonna get better with a nigga who don’t even measure up
Shame shame shame
You’ve been fucking regulars
I think ya need to let me learn ya something
No need to tell you not to sleep
I let my hands speak
Now learn a couple things about me”

Track – “Learn Ya”

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