6LACK: ‘Free 6LACK’

February 8, 2017 JLin 0

24 year-old Atlanta soulful spitta, 6LACK, has a flow that is on fire over his debut album, ‘Free 6LACK’, that touches base on the days […]

5 Throwback Love Jams

January 29, 2017 JLin 0

You already know that when human beings feel the flutters in the stomach and mushy feelings of love, songs that are reminders of how they […]

Blast from the Past: Ja Rule

January 28, 2017 JLin 0

Although Queens heavy-hitter, Ja Rule, did just recently hit the road with his Murder Inc. Queen, Ashanti, there’s no denying that he hasn’t dished out […]

Blast from the Past: Lloyd Banks

January 27, 2017 JLin 0

Maryland underrated Hip-Hop/Rap absolute gem and G-Unit brotha, Lloyd Banks, has a discography that surfs through tales of childhood memories to blatantly committing felonies in […]