Tough, Lean and Mean: Hip Hop Fitness Junkies

Being active and physically fit is an advantage that leaks into every aspect of your existence. Whether you’re a gym junkie or enjoy hiking miles up sprawling mountains throughout gorgeous National Parks, fitness is synonymous with health and health is the ultimate wealth. Being fit instills mental grit that displays elsewhere into many assets of your life and teaches you to not make excuses and most importantly, take care of self. The willingness to face your shadow at your local fitness studio, gym, in-home gym, the playground or wherever the hell you are interested in working out showcases that you create your existence and the vitality gained from exercising both your muscles and your mind increases equilibrium all across the board in your life. There are a ton of Hip-Hop musicians that take out their heat with the iron and in turn bring to life rhymes that are straight fire. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, and a sound body begets a sound mind. The way you sculpt your body to look and feel aids in balancing your body, mind and spirit. Let’s check out some Hip-Hop gym rats who translated their love for the gym in lyricism for the win.


“My Maybach cost 2 chickens, you ain’t got one? Don’t talk my language
I’m king shitting on yo bitch
Southpaw and we in the gym
Tryna be a baller? End up like Flip in “Above The Rim”
You too small like Smeagol
I’m swatting the mosquito
I’ll put you under the earth now it’s a garden on your tombstone
You shit stain teenagers, barely teething on hundos
I’ll hold you like the slave you are, all my whips mayo
You from Illinois? I’ll bring the noise
You ain’t platinum? Don’t talk to me. Grammy nominated? Don’t talk to me
20 Million? Don’t talk to me
It’s levels to this shit boy, you basement? Don’t talk to me
You want the fame? I’ll take your name and that weak bitch you fall asleep with!”

Track – “Chiraq to LA”

Rae Sremmurd

“Pick a price for me, please
We can spend whatever
Camera lights bounce off my shiny bezel
Kill the lights, would you? I am on my level
Flexin’ like I’ve been up in the gym forever
All these bitches give me brain, damn they sure is clever
I took a bitch out, let her shop ’til she drop
All these big bags come at once like nonstop
Ridin’ droptop so I can’t even hotbox
We can spend whatever
Young Swae Lee, damn, check out my bezel
I blow lots of cash cause I won’t live forever”

Track – “By Chance”


“Now, me and you was real cool, hell on them square fools
Since back in high school, we was true, me and you
Hardly parted or separated, we stayed faded
Affiliated with gang-bangers and still made it
Up in the gym, mess with me, gotta mess with him
Still dressing like grown men when rollin’
Out in the dark, smoking Newports, gamin’ marks
Got a place in my heart, homie, stay smart”

Track – “Better Dayz”

Lil Wayne

“Nicki ain’t a rapper, Nicki is a brander
Please you can never compare to me
All these bitches is scared of me
I am who they couldn’t even dare to be
So that’s all folks, badibadee
I go hard, pause
Hospital flow, need more gauze
I’m a bad bitch on all fours
The President be like, “It’s all yours!”
Weezy and Nicki bring the A-game, high stats
Go together like Ricky and his eye patch
Go together like a team in the gym
Kareem in the ring, the queen and the king”

Track – “Sweet Dreams”

Machine Gun Kelly

“People want to be my friend
But where the fuck were y’all when I was ten
Eleven or twelve getting bullied and beat up in the gym?
I couldn’t never get a girl, now all the sudden I’m the man
Students try to get back cool with me again, fuck ’em all
Because guess where they’re gon’ be when my record stops playing?
Gone with the wind, off in the record shop saying that “Kells fell off”
I knew it would happen, stop hating, cause a month ago you was all over my jock saying
That I’m “that mu’fucker”
But now I’m whack, mu’fucker?
Opinions change, but you cannot change facts mu’fucker
If you want bullet points then call me a gat motherfucker”

Track – “The Return”


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