On This Day in Hip-Hop: Big Hawk – ‘Under Hawk’s Wings’

Late hard-hitting Houston, Texas Southern rapper, Big Hawk, released his balls to the wall debut album, ‘Under Hawk’s Wings’ on January 4th, 2000 and bloody raw guts shed create a transcendental feeling in an artistically mind-blowing manner that simultaneously provides tranquility for it’s realness and exposes deep sadness. Brimming with features from a plethora of underground greats such as Big Moe, Lil’ O, Mike D, Kendra Brown, Clay Doe, Godfather and Lil’ Keke, this album is one of the most underrated deliveries of Hip-Hop at its core. Track number nine, “Heart of a Hustler”, showcases Big Hawk’s ambition and set the tone for his commendable body of work that strengthens the fact that he has an impact ever since stepping foot in the rap game. Brimming with tension, the beats on ‘Under Hawk’s Wings’ are far from generic and unexplored emotional peaks, gangster rhymes and unrivaled musical landscapes raise the hair on your back throughout. It’s unfortunate that the Hip-Hop community lost an up and coming legend to violence as Big Hawk was shot dead outside of a friend’s home on Houston’s Southside on May 1st, 2006 at 36 years old. Here are five rhymes from the album that’ll leave you listening to Big Hawk for the rest of the day.


“Nextel phones, and twinkie inches of chrome
Million dollar homes, and players’ll still moan
Got the game mapped out, and Rolexes and platinum necklace
Benz and Lexus, represent Houston Texas do you love it
The game done changed, it’s stangs we bring
Five S. Cardige ring, connected with gangs
Real range on death defying leapords, niggas ain’t soft
Rougher than raw, shop on the Internet fuck the mall.”

Track – “Do You Luv It?”


“I can make you dance, bust the seam if your pants
Make you shake it so hard, you need a ambulance
Put boys in a trance, cause the three point stance
Have you screaming like Biggie, give me one more chance
Biting mics like hands, and Paris Bueller in France
Now I’ll blind you with my piece, with the slightest glance
My game is advanced, with my Screwed Up style
Make you back that ass up, like Juvenile
Crushed ice in my smile, live a lavish lifestyle
And my freestyle, makes me so versatile
On my feet crocodile, keep a low profile
And one night with me, I’ll make it worth your while
I’m the golden child, call me H-A-W-K
And making money, is my authority
Year Y2K, now my stocks done grew
And we can make you dance, when you jamming Screw”

Track – “I Can Make You Dance”


“Only time will tell, lace your game and don’t slack up
Ride till I die, if I fall get right back up
Living lavish is a habit, pumping strictly for the cabbage
Making music’s where we headed

Track – “Only Tyme Will Tale”


“Young mommies want a hog that ain’t cuffing the puttee
They want a jigga with figures sittin’ swole with them goodies
So follow me now to the land of the brick lick hitters
Go getters and wig splitters and a little game that gives shivers
Playboy how you figure you can step to a hog
Let off a hundred rounds drums punishing you and yo dogs”

Track – “That’s Me”


“One puff two puffs, I’m hooked like handcuffs
A thrush and a head rush, says that I’ve had enough
I’m sprung hear it comes, down a pathway through my lungs
A cloud of cluddered smoke, blends with my oxygen
The one human being, can’t give me this satisfaction
Your centrifugal force, causes a chain reaction
The strategy you use, is addictive to many
One of you is not enough, I need five or twenty
I smoke plenty, menage tois with cigars
Wrapping weed like cigars, puts my mind on bars
Cut it down the middle, split it like the Red Sea
Show love filled with buds, fresh off the ganja tree”

Track – “Roll Up a Blunt”

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