Hip-Hop Legends: Big Tymers

Cash-Money Records legendary duo, Big Tymers, have never been part-time grindin’ and stayed steady shinin’ throughout their decade of creating one of Hip-Hop and Rap’s most nitty-gritty and downright amusing discography abounding with lyrics about everything from whips, gold chains, gripping the grain, “hoes”, money and stuntin’ at sold out shows across the globe. The Southern Rappers stuck true to their roots over platinum and gold albums such as ‘How You Luv That’, ‘Big Money Heavyweight’, ‘Hood Rich’ and more that left listeners jaws dropped to the floor from their ruthless gabs and club-bangers talkin’ about watermelon, chicken and grits, no credit and straight dough with no regrets. Trapping hard and no penny pinching, the duo was unstoppable between 1995-2005 as Birdman (formerly known as Baby) and Mannie Fresh were at their best and bangers such as “Number One Stunta”, “Still Fly”, “Stuntastic”, “Get Your Roll On” and more that carried us through our teenage years in the hood while we were up to absolutely no good. In simple celebration of The Big Tymers legacy, here are seven rhymes of the hundreds within the pioneers discography that stand out and revolutionized the game.


“Fix hair, fix nails, fix toes, fix breast
But one chick super sick, make every nigga grab his dick
Heart pound up and down, when she goin round and round
Do the Snake, stop and shake, ass like an earthquake
I can’t wait to meet her uh, undress her, beat her up
Now we leavin from the club, and she let me cop a rub
Can’t believe she choose me, feelin’ On Her Booty
I’m about to cut like knives, strokin mami with some ice
Takin me to paradise, I nut once, she nut twice”

Track – “Gangsta Girl”




“Comin’ through my hood on spinnin’ blades
Mami know my name, niggas know I don’t play
Jump out the whip, and we blaze in the shade
Cause I gotta get straight, got an ounce of that haze
Early birds don’t play, makin’ drops in the spots
We struggle, but we hustle, man we hustle ’round the clock”

Track – “This Is How We Do”



“You a number one stunna and we gon’ glide
And go straight to the mall and tear down the inside
Prada, Gucci, full-mink leather
Burberry’s cool, Coogi sweater
Twenty inches, pop my feather
The Birdman daddy, I fly in any weather
Alligator seats with the head in the inside
Swine on the dash, G-wagon is so fly
#1: don’t tangle and twist it
When it come to these cars I am that nigga
The g-uh-g-uh-Gucci with the matching interior
Three-wheel ride with the tire in the middle
It’s Fresh and Stunna, and we like brothers
We shine like paint, daddy: it’s our summer”

Track – “Still Fly”



“Hoppin’ out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill
With the platinum pieces, and the platinum chains
With the platinum watches, and the platinum rings
Nigga shit ain’t changed, still doin’ my thing
Still do it for the block – nuts hang and swing
You don’t know another nigga that can stunt like me
Big Tymer representin’, nigga – the U.P.T”

Track – “#1 Stunna”



“I got swine on the seats
24’s on my feets
Lets thump in my ride
And mommy stay fly
Boy I’m the neighborhood king
Y’all know it I’m a cost your king
I mean I say ya love my style
I throw parties buck wild
Daddy I’m the number 1 stunna
And I shine every summa
Boy know I have to change my paint
Cuz that stock shit stink
Ey,Ey, Re-do the inside
25 inch rims in tide
I keep them strapped and shy
New Benz cause mommy so fly.”

Track – “Oh Yeah”



“Now I dunn been here for 25 years
I understand one thing: that life is a bitch
I dunn lost my ma and my pa, my brother and my sister all up in one year
I understand one thing, I gotta ball til I fall
And show these hoes that money ain’t no thang, dawg
See, I tell a bitch that she ain’t shit
And at the same time ask that ho to suck my dick
See, I don’t take money and mix with no bitch
Cause one thing, these hoes would lose they mind and get lost quick
It ain’t no secret, I make these hoes think I’ll pay their shit
But I keep it real and I pay my nigga’s shit”

Track – “Broads”



“Beatrice, bitch please
You know who I be
Nothin’ else, none other
The number one stunner
Nigga, I pimp hoes
Boss, toss, flip hoes
Show them bitches no love
Ridin 2G ‘llac on dubs
Ounces, quarters, halves, bricks
Nigga I done sold all that shit
Soon as my tour stop
Bought five Bentley Azures, props
TV’s must, buttons must
C.M.B., platinum plus
What the fuck, hold on
Everybody get yo’ motherfuckin’ roll on”

Track – “Get Your Roll On”

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