Hip Hop Legends: Rah Digga

Take the pink ribbon off your eyes from Fifth Harmony and dust off the do-rag. One brassy and sassy from head to toe diva, Rah Digga, has worn an array of jazzy hats from lyrically tough and ruthlessly rough to downright soulful throughout her career in the entertainment industry and ferociously has created an idiosyncratic aesthetic sense which perpetually has the neon soul sticking out like a sore thumb amongst her noteworthy classmates. The woman stemming from the Flipmode Squad delivered a far from squeaky clean shift of perspective and sassy touch within the mind of the imaginative, rare personality. The sizzling hot Queen of radical ingenuity and balls to the walls lyrical delivery went through a practically inevitable shift of mentality that a human being undergoes through age and experience that altered the mind of the female icon and eye-roll moments from the personal, matchless stamp of Rah Digga shifted into torrential mix of unsteady emotions from critics pertaining to her museum of lovers and a hefty, sugary dose of artificial sweetener. All in all, a true Hip-Hop head cannot leave Rah Digga in the dust and if you do, your opinion, I do not trust. Here are five of Rah’s raw and balls to the walls rhymes that will stand the test of time.


“What the fuck man?
This guy, you barely caught a meal short of fish fry
Think I’m lettin’ this fly, Fat Trel can kiss my
Global rap ass, he barely out of D.C
Tried to look him up, he ain’t even got a wiki
On his records gettin’ cheeky, tryna throw some shee shee
I’m right at the door, like when a dog’s gotta pee pee
Some say it’s beneath me, I should be the bigger artist
But this what happens when you get a nigga get started
The veterans, I love the referange
I love to talk slick, I love to reprimand
Dudes sayin’ my name, I come like candy man”

Track – “The Nigga in Me”



“I be that house nigga squatting in the lab
Rhymes comin, rhymes goin like I was a dollar cab
Fingerin the man tryin to tap into his spirit
A misguided soul so ain’t checkin for the lyrics
Many different players, only one hold the ball
Ghetto fabulous chick, go against the protocol
With the grittiest lingo, still such a little sweetheart
Book educated with a whole lotta street smarts
Follow me now, as I build my fanbases
Makin rappers worry like they got open cases
Harriet Thugman, bout to see shit through
Like a whole world of people wait for Episode Two
I be the rap purist, the walking hip hop thesaurus
The innovator, spawned from Libra and Taurus
Do away cats with the same ol’ whack
Lead a nation up north where the real party at”

Track – “Harriet Thugman” 



“I ain’t your ordinary — I’m that ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Hate femcees, could give a fuck if we get along”

Track – “Janis Joplin”



“Knock, knock, who dat, sister from the hilltop
Wicked, wicked flows, make a nigga grill drop
Caramel complexion, Feldsburg section
Ready for whatever ‘case I’m dealin with some next shit
Rhymin type scenario, niggas only fell
Stay dipped with Nike Airs, Oakleys, and pony tails
Fuckin up some pizza, overcharge my Visa
Million dollar videos, crushin with my tiza
Tell them motherfuckers, I’m tight like Ebeneezer
Scrooge, still look good without ruge
My lipstick, lil misfit, quick to dish shit
Little bit conceited, whole lot consistent”

Track – “Showdown”



“See when the, mics go on, the lights go on
It’s like Muhammad Ali, and Tyson sparring
I take a, stab at you, a jab at you
I do ’em, Carrey style, I make ’em laught at you
Try me, ain’t nothing worse than a little defeat
From trying to weak a sleeping giant that ain’t even asleep
I’m not your ordinary shorty, I be bobbing and weaving
Don’t even give me no excuses, just to knock a few teeth in”

Track – “Girl Samurai Lullaby”

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