Hip-Hop Human Being of the Year: Vic Mensa

It is evident that the Chicago born rebel by the name of Vic Mensa is making a statement beyond the Hip-Hop world. Morphing into a prodigious double threat underneath the prestigious entertainment company Roc Nation, Vic Mensa has proven himself as a highly educated, enlightened, grateful, and conscious lyricist and commendable humanitarian. As Vic’s acclaim continues to climb to new heights,the internet continues to flood with full-fledged mayhem and praise for the release of Vic’s 2016 debut EP, ‘There’s Alot Going On’, that touches base on topics that are relevant to societal wellness with an untouchable grace that slaps you in the face with Vic’s candid delivery. Vic’s subject matters center around the current state of Corporate America, dive deep into the political world, shed light on poverty, awaken the masses to life beyond fat stacks, and drills a hole into the skulls of bogus MCs dishin’ out lyrical trash surrounding drugs and sexual escapades. The production of Vic’s first project is exceptional, and every beat is a shining example of the internal growth that Vic encountered to develop his bold style. Vic also recently joined DAPL protestors and protectors at Standing Rock in bitter cold temperatures for over one week to denounce the Dakota Access Pipeline. Vic’s energy is intoxicating, and his leadership qualities are serving to set an example and deliver a glimpse of humility. Here are 10 of Vic’s standout lyrics that educate, motivate and inspire.



“Color of morning pee coming out of the sink

It’s 2016, who would think

Kids in America don’t have clean water to drink?”

Track – “Shades of Blue”



“It’s bigger than us, these kids listen to us

That’s why I give ’em that truth cause they don’t get it enough

We making bitches and hoes out our women too much

We can’t trust ourselves, and we don’t know who to trust

It ain’t enough for police to wear body cams

Cause niggas still gettin tazed and body slammed.”

Track – “Shades of Blue”



“As my relationship with myself fell apart,

My relationships with people around me grew violent and volatile

Full of resentment and lies

It seemed like everywhere I turned there was something to be upset with

Especially when I looked inward.

I knew the person that I was born to be. A fighter, a leader.

A revolutionary, a channel of ideas and emotions

Endlessly larger than myself.

But it began to all feel like a cruel joke.”

Track – “Letter To The People”


“Ready for the war we got our boots strapped

100 deep on State Street, where the troops at?

The mayor lying saying he didn’t see the video footage

And everybody want to know where the truth at?”

Track – “16 Shots”


“The same year my mother’s water broke on 57th St

Mama Mensah knew she raised a very special man

Young Muhammad in the ring with the power in my hands

To defy the federation like Ali in Vietnam

The Roc is still alive, throw your diamonds up again.”

Track – “Dynasty”


“There’s a lot going on but I stick to the ones I love

I never claimed to be a perfect man but name a great man who was

Consequences of my actions in the past years had me stressing out

It was like, May, I just moved to L.A., I was tryna figure it out

Medication for depression that I cut cold turkey, had the kid manic

In an episode out in Hollywood, wilding out like Nick Cannon

Railing Adderall pills out a dollar bill, on the bathroom floor

Clean the whole mess up with my nose, what the fuck I need a vacuum for?”

Track – “There’s Alot Going On”


“There’s a Cold War every summer in the Chi

It’s a snowball effect from the Cold War in Russia

But Vladimir Putin ain’t in the hood recruitin’

And Derrick Rose ain’t the only one out here shootin’”

Track – “Shades of Blue”


“Starin’ at a narrow-point reflection of myself

Questionin’ what is my life to become?

I wonder if I’ll ever be the man, my momma wish I was

Or will I end up victim to the hand of a gun?”

Track – “Fear & Doubt”


“I been patient, I wrote this shit down in my momma basement

She just wanna retire, I just wanna tell her she can

Look back at her baby boy like damn that’s one hell of a man”

Track – “That Nigga”


“They threw a little girl down on the pavement

Pushed her with the bike and said, “Stay out the way, bitch”

She was bleedin’ on the ground through her braces

This is what happens when niggas don’t stay in their places

The mayor duckin’ when he fired the superintendent

But resignation come with bonuses and recognition.”

Track – “16 Shots”

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