The Rebel Soul: Miguel

From the moment I fell into a state of bewitchment as Miguel’s 2012 second studio album, ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, soared through my headphones with it’s mixture of sonic textures and melodic ease, I was instantaneously hooked on the soulful R&B serenader’s scratchy, echoing vocals and alluring charm. The dreamy ladies man based out of San Pedro, California has been heating up the charts with provocative tracks and influencing a state of infatuation in the minds of head over heels listeners around the globe. The far from mediocre R&B vocalist’s distinct use of catchy, pop hooks with a restless edge have established his idiosyncratic identity and built himself an estimable foundation in the macrocosm of music. The sexy atmospheric, new-age aura circulating throughout Miguel’s velvety smooth third studio album release, ‘Wildheart’, reaches steamy new heights over a spine-tingling mix of funk, soul-groove and a hefty, flamboyantly abstract dose of retro vitality. The picturesque, fiery proclamations enkindling youthful swooning and yearning carry soulfully rich facets that Miguel conveys in an artistically bold manner that effortlessly glides through the opening track, “A Beautiful Exit”, all the way to the concluding jewel, “Damned”. Unquestionably, the crafty album’s third banger, “The Valley”, ensnares listeners into its explicit vigor with it’s lyrically graphic, raunchier sexual metaphors that cross all boundaries. The album is practically devoid of features and displays the progression and transformation Miguel has experienced as an artist. Miguel’s artistry serves as a breath of fresh air for those waking up to pillow talk and coffee in the morning with the sexy serenader’s sounds and vocals rapturously lingering in the background. Miguel’s eccentrically androgynous persona with zero reservation reveals the character of a man who does not conform to society’s expectations and is clearly unafraid to express himself in whichever style best suits his interests; what’s normal anyway?


The gifted rebel soul who has channeled his inner entity and spread his wings has become a worldwide sensation with rhythms that journey far further than solely commercially impactful musicians. And if you’re familiar with the bustling streets of LA, listen to ‘Wildheart’ uninterrupted from start to finish and smirk along the way as Miguel’s mysterious perception and fanatical exploration through The City of Angels adorns you and conjures an amusingly clever sense of familiarity. Here’s five standout and sizzling hot Miguel lyrics to light a fire in your heart. 


“I’m your pimp, I’m your pope, I’m your pastor babe
Confess your sins to me while you masturbate.”

Track – “The Valley”


“I don’t wanna be loved
I don’t wanna be loved
I just wanna quickie
No bite marks, no scratches, and no hickeys
If you can get with that, mami come get with me.”

Track – “Quickie”


“Let’s play a little game
Just between you and I
Obviously physical
You gotta use your mind
We can be cops and robbers
Tarzan and Jane, Marilyn and Robert
But either way the objective is the same
To please and entertain.”

Track – “Vixen”


“Yeah, body language like piano keys
Allow me to provoke babe
Make you sing a melody
Every single stroke babe
As I kiss your third eye
Bet you’re gonna scream
Only you can be my Kaleidoscope dream.”

Track – “Kaleidoscope Dream”


“Teach me, train me, guide me baby
Only you can release the love inside me baby (waited my
Turn and I’m ready to learn now)
Teach me, train me, guide me baby (ooh, only you can)
Release the love inside me baby
Eat it up, love me down playing with my dirty mind.”

Track – “Teach Me”

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