Gucci Mane: ‘The Return Of East Atlanta Santa’

It comes as no surprise that Gucci Mane dropped his third album in six months, ‘The Return Of East Atlanta Santa’, with some of the most cutthroat wordplay that we have ever had the pleasure to encounter to this day. As one of the most professionally driven, established and commendable entertainers in the industry, Gucci has flipped the script on his recent experience in the pen and has let his listeners know that it’ll never happen again. Gucci is here to stay and it is apparent throughout ‘The Return Of East Atlanta Santa’ that he is here to stay. The thirteen track banger features some of the hottest acts in the game – Bryson Tiller, Travis Scott and Drake. Gucci knew what was at stake the moment he was released from jail and has been capitalizing on every single standout opportunity that has come his way. The love for his woman, Keyshia, is a sight and delight to see and Gucci took it up a notch this year by giving her a ring. On Christmas Day, there ain’t no better gift than listening to ‘The Return Of East Atlanta Santa’ while you’re whipping up soul food in the kitchen. Here’s 8 of the hottest rhymes from the Atlanta soldier’s tenth studio album. Merry Christmas, y’all.


“G-Gucci Mane I’m the water man
Make it rain, do the water dance
Water dripping like the faucet drip
Hit ten hoes on my Florida trip
Like 21 Savage I slaughter them
Thirty thousand dollars I ordered it
Night and day, I spend this shit
Like Lil Uzi Vert, I’m dripping it
You can walk on water too if have faith in me
I got high paid killers, you safe with me
Set me up on first date, Don’t wait on me
I’m a human highlight, first take with me
If you got a Dawn, who needs a Wraith
If you got a bank, who needs a safe
Buy the restaurant, who needs a chef
My game’s too official, who needs a ref
When the Wopter call, don’t hold your breathe”

Track – “Walk On Water”




“Middle of the winter I pull up in a vert
It’s the middle of December she pulled up in a skirt
Santa Claus of the hood
I pull up with the work
They call me East Atlanta Santa
Run up on me get murked
I’m just trappin’ through the snow
Sellin’ nine half a bricks in four ways
Over the hills we go
Got an extendo and an AK (gra, gra, gra)
I’m a neighborhood philanthropist
I’m sellin’ bales of cannabis
Preachin’ like an evangelist
But I don’t fuck with amateurs
I drive spiders, yeah, tarantulas
My diamonds are immaculate
I’m not on no romantic shit
But I’m cookin’ cocaine, candle lit
I’m so trill, your hoe can’t handle it”

Track – “St. Brick Intro”




“I’m a fed target, on the red carpet
In a whip so new valet scared to park it
Not a average artist, an elaborate artist
My collabs turn locals to established artists”

Track – “Nonchalent”




“Drop me in the jungle where the lions at (grr)
I come back with a lion jacket with the matching hat
I call you Raphael cause you hang with the sewer rats
I can’t hang with no informer, I’m too hood for that”

Track – “Yet”




“Call me anything, but don’t call the cops on me
I fly private because I got the blocks on me
Check the trailer trunk, got a crop on me
I got a cartel kingpin watch on me
Sellin’ more weed than dispensaries
Broke niggas don’t make sense to me
So many mexicans bringing in the tree for me
I think Trump trying to build a fuckin’ fence for me”

Track – “Bales”




“Gucci Mane, and I’m a one man band
Big papa, I got a brand new bag
Fresh out the feds, I got a brand new swag
I don’t mean to brag, but let my mink coat drag
In Vegas they treat me like I’m Elvis Presley
She using her eyes to undress the sexy
Who wanna come down and be the next contestant?
The list get the chance to hang in Gucci’s section
I walk in the spot like I own the venue
You might find your girlfriend on my private menu”

Track – “Greatest Show On Earth”




“I’m on that rich nigga shit, I drop some bread on that bitch
All these stones, man you’d think we’re more than Fred in this bitch
I done shown this bitch so much, that I got scared of this bitch
She done seen so many mils I might go fed if she snitch”

Track – “I Can’t”




“I got so many felonies
I might can’t never go to Canada
But Drake said he gon’ pull some strings
So let me check my calendar
I just popped me one of them one what-you-call-its
And it boosted my stamina
Now I’m fucking her on the banister
Guess I just East Atlanta’d her”

Track – “Both”

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