The Most Underrated Rappers in the Game: Ludacris

Hotlanta game-Changer, Ludacris, has been exploring many facets of the game like Dora and creating his own methods toward mastering his madness ever since the release of his highly-acclaimed debut studio album, ‘Incognegro’, in 2000. Luda’s lyrical disasters are one of the most undermined in Hip-Hop history. The manner in which Luda mixes up straight foolin’ and downright hard material is unheard of and demonstrated in a manner that gathers listeners in flocks antsy for another dose of the lyrical madness stemming the dirty south blocks. Although Luda has focused on and is earning cheddar from his acting career as of recent, but don’t bypass the feeling of nostalgia that lingers through your being the moment the beat drops in “What’s Your Fantasy?” after years of pushing aside Ludacris’ discography. As one of the most underrated rappers in the game and although there are too many to count, here are 8 Luda verses from his solo albums that’ll remind you of his talent, grit, drive and enthusiasm that is contagious and truly one for the Hip-Hop ages.


“Talkin about gats, traps, cops and robbers
Evacuate the building and trick the pigs
Since everybody wanna piece, we gon split ya wigs
See some fools slipped up and over-stepped they boundaries
You about to catch a cold, STAY THE FUCK AROUND FROM ME
Ya peeps talkin ’bout what kinda shits he on
You disappear like “POOF, BITCH BE GONE”
You think twelve gon catch me, GIMMIE A BREAK
I’m super-charged with the hide-away license plate
It seems they wanna finger print me and gimmie some years
They’ll only get one finger while I’m shifting gears
I got suede on my roof, wood grain on the dash
Sheep skin on the rug, Golden Grain on the stash
Hydraulics all around so I shake the ride

Track – “Act A Fool” 




“It’s time to saddle up the Tontos cause I’m the Lone Ranger
I eat dinner with Jews but don’t talk to strangers
I’m just a few albums from filling your disc changer
If you ever think of stoppin me – BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!
I’m a hustler by nature but criminal by law
Any charges set against me, chunk it up and stand tall
Next year I’m lookin into buyin Greenbriar Mall
You probably own a lot of property! BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!
C’mon and take a look, he’s got gigantic balls
Plus his money keeps flowin like Niagara Falls
We all know Jesus saves and Ludacris withdraws”

Track – “Blow It Out” 




“You bout to buy a ring, she needs the finer things
Gucci designer frames – say it (make love to me)
Purchase a nasty flick, wrap up and tie her quick
Know how to drive a stick – what? (fuck, meee!)
You both unite as one, you the moon and she’s your sun
Your heart’s a beating drum – say it (make love to me)
You better not of came, she want to feel the pain
Then hear her scream your name – what?”

Track – “Splash Waterfalls”




“Where do I begin
Well, the industry shady not everybody is your friend
I had to learn that shit the hard way
In and out bogus contracts since before i was rapping in the hallway
Everyone out for money, executives out for blood
If you don’t keep the music current then labels’ll pull the plug (Get it)
Hard to admit when shit don’t go the way you plan
While everybody’s on Instagram just fronting like life is grand.”

Track – “Charge It To The Rap Game”




“I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the 50 yard line
While the Dirty Birds kick for t’ree
And if you like in the club, we can do it
In the DJ booth or in the back of the V.I.P
Whipped cream with cherries and strawberries on top, lick it don’t stop
Keep the door locked, don’t knock while the boat rock
We go-bots and robots, so they got to wait til the show stop
Or how about on the beach with black sand?
Lick up your thigh then call me the Pac Man
Table top or just give me a lap dance
The Rock to the Park to the Point to the Flatlands
That man Ludacris (woo!) in the public bathroom
Or in back of the classroom
How ever you want it, lover-lover gonna tap.”

Track – “What’s Your Fantasy?”




“My Tribe’s on more Quests than Midnight Marauders
It’s all piña coladas, no cops and robbers
Taking trips back and forth from here to the Bahamas
I hump more than llamas, get rolled more than tires
If you say I’m not nice, then you’s motherfucking liar”

Track – “Mouthing Off”




“It’s hard growin’ up lookin’ at drug dealers wit’ all this paper
Wonderin’ how I can get me some
My family’s strugglin’, I’m buggin’, sittin’ on my porch
So confused, chewin’ on some bubblegum
I was always taught to use my manners with the misses
But please, stay away from the hoes and snitches
And I was always reached for the sky, I dont know why
Ima little bitty kid wit’ a whole buncha gangsta wishes
When I grow up, you just wait, Ima be so straight
And everything’s gonna be so marvelous
No more borrowin’ from the neighbors, no more haters
No more blowin’ Nintendo cartridges
Ima have it made in the shade, Ima be so paid
And my fam, get ’em off that payin’ them bills
Matta fact Im schemin’ my way on up out this hood, I’ll be good
When I ditch these trainin’ wheels”

Track – “Diamond In The Back”




“She said she like the way I stick and make the bed rock
Or how I lick and leave her twisted like a dreadlock, and it’s on
So stop the sweatin like a wristband
And get some balance like a bike without the kickstand
I think I changed the definition of a hit man
Cuz I could really give a fuck about that bitch man, c’mon!
We puttin holes in your residence
And lose anybody for the right president
We thugged out street niggas with intelligence
So all that bullshit you yappin is irrelevant
Oh yeah, I represent the Dirty Southside
I’m a dentist makin women open they mouth wide
You be in jail still runnin it on the outside”

Track – “Block Lockdown”

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