Young Jeezy: ‘Trap or Die 3’

Written by Jessica Golich

Atlanta, Georgia, hustler and straight killer on the mic, Young Jeezy, decided to keep the celebration of his seventh studio album release, ‘Trap or Die 3’, rollin’ by announcing to the world and all of the boys and girls that admire his empire that his next album, ‘Snow Season’, is already in the works and will drop before the year comes to a close. Hittin’ hard and back to black with back-to-back tracks showcasing the otherworldly skills that flood the streets with unforgiving tales spittin’ the truth about pressin’ hard for bail, Jeezy’s ‘Trap or Die 3’ is another installation of his ‘Trap or Die’ collection that dishes out a street education. It’s apparent that Jeezy still gives zero fucks while expressing anything that is on his mind from telling your grandmother to zip up or rippin’ up a police ticket. Staying open about his criminal past or telling politicians to shove their perceptions right up their ass is simply what Jeezy does best. The gangster sheds blood over 16 tracks that are abounding with puns and straight facts; here’s the 15 hottest rhymes from Jeezy’s seventh studio album and one of his greatest of all time.



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14. “New whip alert, new whip alert
Drop head Wraith, feelings gon’ be hurt
Served that raw shit and I ain’t talking sushi
Bad bitch, treat her like a groupie.”
Track – “U Kno It”


  1. “The devil wears Prada and she be in that Louis too

You know her when you see her, she gon’ be the coldest in the crew

Type to take your heart out and walk on it with red bottoms

Had a whole city talkin’ ’bout, I think they ain’t got ’em.”

Track – “Pretty Diamonds”


  1. “White House, black Rollie, in South Bronx they know me

You can’t talk, gotta show me, them brown bags, y’all owe me.”

Track – “Going Crazy”


  1. “Two for two, you got a sexy face and body

Can’t forget the legs, bitch you must do pilates

This ain’t a mothafuckin’ funeral, boy y’all actin’ dead

You mothafuckas stand around, let’s fuck up some bread.”

Track – “Sexe”


  1. Cut it down the middle like I’m Freddie Kruger

Then throw it in that water like a barracuda.”

Track – “Where It At”


  1. “Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ like Rocky

Back to myself, yeah I’m motherfuckin’ cocky

If I take off all the chains we can play a little hockey.”

Track – “Let ‘Em Know”


  1. “I want it all, brand new socks and draws

And a bitch so bad you don’t see all the flaws.”

Track – “Never Settle”


  1. “Bitch I paid dues, lawyer fees and drivers

Had the rental so long I had to buy a set of tires”

Track – “In The Air”


  1. “You can line my haters up, everyone of them motherfuckers

When I open up my eyes, I see none of them motherfuckers.”

Track – “Never Settle”


  1. The only real trapper with them platinum plaques

Flip a CD like a brick, bitch, I’m an acrobat.”

Track – “It Is What It Is”


  1. “All these bitches on me, bitch I’m back in shape

They all want a piece of Jizzle like a cake.”

Track – “Like That”


  1. “Hood nigga, Hot Cheetos what I snack on”

Track – “All There”


  1. “Break them 36s down into 18s

Traffic in a black van like the A-Team

Got 6 gold ropes on, I’m Mr. T

Can’t talk about the trap and not mention me.”

Track – “Where It At”


  1. “I’m liking where it’s going Snow, sounding like it’s winter time

Operation feed the streets, y’all let ’em know it’s dinner time

They say I’m too classic, said I’m still the underdog

Yet my black ass stay shining like some Armor All.”

Track – “So What”

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