15 Hottest Verses from Big K.R.I.T’s 2012 Mixtape ‘4 Eva N a Day’

Written By Jessica Golich

Balancing the challenge of staying true to his nitty-gritty southern roots and remaining in tune with his soul has been a walk in the park for the man getting high on spilled ink and delivering the real McCoy over tracks that will blow your speakers and spit nothin’ short of the truth. Whether spittin’ rhymes about his ol’ school Cadillac or counting stacks, Mississippi-bred rapper, Big K.R.I.T, has remained mysteriously unmoved by the media throughout his career detailing a rough adolescence while acutely equipped with his five senses. K.R.I.T’s alluring aesthetics over his 2012 mixtape, ‘4 Eva N a Day’, cohesively swirls together tracks that attract fans of Southern rap and those with a higher level of spiritual and mental intellect. Justin Scott makes it clear that he isn’t set out dominate the charts; K.R.I.T has made his mark by stirring up musical soul food with nouns, verbs and lyrical herbs for those on living the streets without a bite to eat. Keeping your heart in tune as he caresses his way through strokes of genius, tracks from this mixtape that was originally released as a free digital download such as “Country Rap Tunes” and “The Alarm”, showcase the depth of K.R.I.T’s artistic charm. Here’s 15 of the hottest verses from ‘4 Eva N a Day’ that dive into reality far beyond the surface.

15. “Early morning, whipping up breakfast
So unexpected, I’m barely yawning
Iron my school clothes, food up on the stove
Biscuits was hella fluffy, “Grandma, I need two of those”
Track – “Yesterday”

14. “Super bassing, turn it up to the max like goodness gracious
It’s back breaking, my neighbors hate me
Keep it shaking, 808 earthquaking, life changing”
Track – “Sky Club”

13. “At the end of the day, bills to pay
If it’s a white man’s world, am I still a slave to the minimum wage?”
Track – “Down & Out”

12. “I wear my heart on my sleeve, don’t run into me cause it bleeds
No disrespect to your craft, but I make my own beats.”
Track – “Handwriting”

11. “So he went on to loosen up on the aggression
And proceed to lecture me on the troubles of recession
And ain’t that many jobs outchea hiring convicted felons
So instead of buying what he want, he taking what they selling”
Track – “Package Store”

10. “Spread the word, I flip verbs like birds
Get flipped by dope boys that park rims on the curb.”
Track – “Country Rap Tunes”

9. “Do you believe that you never loved fame
And you wouldn’t miss a dime if you lost it all today?”
Track – “The Alarm”

8. “I’d rather sit higher than bald eagles on shoulders of giant people”
Track – “Me and My Old School”

7. “Headed to the spot where the strippers show me love
‘Cause they got them fire wings and I love to grub.”
Track – “Temptation”

6. “It’s cool to dream those dreams that made you strong
Kept you fresh and on your toes
Forever EQing the highs and lows of today”
Track – “5:04 AM”

5. “Thank God for the day, thank God for the morning
Won’t take this here for granted, no, good Lord I gots to get on it.”
Track – “Wake Up”

4. “Watching for jackers, scoping for law
They go to hating when I’m bassing cause I swang and I crawl.”
Track – “1986”

3. “I remember way back in the day
All I wanted was a candy car with hella flakes
Crushing hoes, slamming doors while the chassis shake
From the sub, work the juice, bitch I want the bass.”
Track – “Me and My Old School”

2. “Gotta be realistic, stop talking and listen
‘Cause at the blink of an eye, your life will pass you by, good Lord you missed it.”
Track – “Wake Up”

1. “Cause when I get time. I’mma get shine and clear my runway
And wait ’til I get signed, to stretch my wings and fly
Do what I gotta do to get by, see the world through my third eye.”
Track – “Down & Out”

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