Happy 27th Birthday to ‘All Hail the Queen’

If there is a female who has made a prominent impact on the Hip-Hop game, it is Queen Latifah. Smashing her male counterparts with lyricals jabs that made her untouchable from the start, Queen Latifah is one of the greatest of all time to rock the mic and put up a fight for women’s rights. Tearin’ up hearts with brutal honesty laced with a touch of class is what has led the Queen to chart-toppin’ singles and mixing and mingling with those that rank high within hip-hop history. Latifah’s edgy, sexy and tough style made her one of the first solo female MC’s to climb her way up the charts and embed fear into her competition. The sassy woman on a mission made history with her 1989 debut album, ‘All Hail the Queen’, that showcased a downright extreme mix of social consciousness, infectious beats and girl power that morphed Latifah into an almighty human being out to make a scene. Unapologetically bold and making her competitors bow at her toes, Latifah has created a longstanding career of expressing herself through an array of artistic mediums. In celebration of the 27th birthday of ‘All Hail the Queen’, here’s 15 butter-smooth Latifah rhymes that established her as a considerable talent who earned her throne.



“The ladies will kick it, the rhyme that is wicked

Those that don’t know how to be pros get evicted.”

Track – “Ladies First”



“It’s a new fusion I’m using

You ask what is it I’m doing?

Hip-hop house, hip-hop jazz, with a little pizzazz

From the queen, the Queen of Royal Badness

Remember me from “Wrath of My Madness?”

It’s my rap that rocks this party

I’m a hijack and jack your body”

Track – “Come Into My House”



“I’m divine and my mind expands throughout the universe

A female rapper with the message to send the

Queen Latifah is a perfect specimen.”

Track – “Ladies First”



“It’s a Flavor Unit quest that today has me speaking

Cause it’s knowledge I’m seeking

Enough about myself, I think it’s time that I tell you

About the evil that men do”

Track – “Evil That Men Do”



“And slides keep the hardcore fall, cause I’m heavy-handed

Whip out a .45 caliber pen and begin

A funky message from beginning to end

Peace be to Africa, can’t forget my other land

Won’t fulfill my heart unless I speak about the motherland.”

Track – “Latifah’s Law”



 “Latifah is the name you love

Flying through rhymes like a dove

Slapping suckers with a glove

Challenge me and you will burn

Yes in the fire you will burn.”

Track – “Inside Out”



“You see you may speculate, but everybody knows

Not one amatuer can deal with the pros.”

Track – “The Pros”



“Word of mouth is always everlasting

And everlasting are the words that I bring

The ruler of the ring is Lord Ramsey

And music is made by Mark the 45 King

You tremble for my treble, you’re begging for the bass

The voice is too vicious, the same as the pace.”

Track – “Wrath Of My Madness”



“Technician, musical musician

I’m stating the facts, strictly non-fiction.”

Track – “A King and Queen Creation”



“With powerful lyrics I’m armed

To let a sucker step up and get bombed.”

Track – “Dance For Me”



“You try to dissect my rhymes to see if there’s a pattern

I bounced it all around you like the rings around Saturn.”

Track – “Princess Of The Posse”



“Next on the menu, we continue with the pasta

Dipped in chocolate, served with lotsa

Twizzlers and honey, yum yum yummy

Lyrics I’m flaunting is good for the tummy.”

Track – “Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children”



“I can’t wait until the party is jam-packed

When I start to drop it, the people say “Damn, black”

Track – “Queen Of Royal Badness”



“The scene is mine cause I took it

I took it for the money and I took it for the fun

Don’t step up in my face, you don’t want to feel the taste

Don’t try and play me out, cause I am not the one

Brothers on my brastrap, sisters clocking my sound, why?

Because they wanna be down with the

Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H in command.”

Track – “Wrath Of My Madness”



“BMW’s and gold rope chains don’t impress me

Or get you closer to the point you can undress me.”

Track – “Latifah’s Law” 

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