Happy 17th Birthday to ‘Ghetto Postage’

Every single cat in the game knows Master P’s name. Straight out of New Orleans dishing out banger after banger that give the f-word a major workout over hypnotic hip-hop beats and ferociously fast lyrical jabs, Master P has made a name for himself collecting gold and platinum plaques through exploiting what simply needs to be said including real life experiences that tend to be looked over with ignorance. Over his 2000 ninth studio album , ‘Ghetto Postage’, released on the almighty ‘No Limit’s Records’, P does not water down the historic roots of gangsta rap and has no shame drilling his peers over pure, unadulterated tracks that straight up deliver the facts. The album houses 23 songs full of skits and interludes presenting the reality of a typical day in the hood when P and his boys are up to no good. Here’s 15 of the most outrageous verses that the mogul nonchalantly sheds over ‘Ghetto Postage’ with grace, wit, and a smile on his face.


  1. “Tank tops and bandannas, Low Riders on hammers

Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s on twenty inch Sanders

ATL, on my way to the Gentlemen’s Club

J.D. and Outkast showed me love

See Trick at the Grammy’s, It was wack like the Wammy’s

I said, “Where’s the baddest bicth?” He said, “Miami.”

Track – “Golds In They Mouth”


  1. I play it smooth and buy both of y’all a drank

My main intention take the fish out the tank.”

Track – “Bitch I Like”


  1. “I’m gon’ be there for ya shorty but not trickin’

It’s all love a lil’ thuggin’ and huggin’ and kissin’

Toni Braxton says they wasn’t man enough

But I’m a soldier girl so is it cool or what.”

Track – “My Babooski”


  1. “Nigga we thugged together, sold drugs together

Fucked hoes together, kicked in doors together.”

Track – “Pockets Gone Stay Fat”


  1. “I gotta couple diamonds with a mouth fulla gold

Platinum on the wrist, Bentley in the drive

I learnt in the bricks how to slang and survive.”

Track – “Soulja Boo”


  1. “You lookin’ good in your Victoria Secret boo

Put my name on your ass now what’s up wit you

I see your girlfriend jockin’ & you smilin’ like a child

But let’s get out this club & let’s go home and get buckwild.”

Track – “Would You?”


  1. “Made ESPN for slangin 3’s at Vince Carter

I got a car lot of Benz’s one in every color.”

Track – “Roll How We Roll”


  1.  “My definition of riches is much different

Make it hard to swallow

But I’m vicious, and who gonna stand in front of this 200 lb Rottweiler?”

Track – “It Don’t Get No Better”


  1. “Black Felon still yellin habitual offender

Y’all niggas better keep a distance from the rath of this blender

I was born without a heart, so I live off game

If I get tempted then I can flip it, nigga I breath pain.”

Track – “It Don’t Get No Better”


  1. “Shit it’s hard livin’ the life I live

Gamblin’ hustlin’ takin’ care of the kids

Can’t stop now, my niggas doin’ a bit

Get money son and invest that shit.”

Track – “Life I Live”


  1. “Take tha batteries out the phone, put tha beeper on vibe

Now picture me ballin’ & beatin’ up them thighs.”

Track – “Would You?”


  1. “And I’m paranoid, for all the souls got taught

But should I sit down like a bitch, or revenge what I lost?”

Track – “Hush”


  1. “Nigga it don’t get no better, me and my souljas gonna stick together

Rich or poor, poor or rich, No Limit is da army and we won’t quit.”

Track – “It Don’t Get No Better”


  1. “Now you don’t know me, you better step back

Cause I’m bad for your health, like heroin and crack.”

Track – “Doo Rags”


  1. “Now when I do this thang ima do it wild

And I ain’t Rakim but I can move da crowd

And when I’m having sex, I make stomachs growl”

Track – “I Don’t Give Ah What”

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