A Rappers Best Friend

Ever have a dear friendship with an individual who is literally obsessed with their dog and the special relationship that they have with their furry friends? They might push it and allow them to eat off of their dishes, allow their fur to cover all of their furniture and clothes, totally do not get grossed out when they lick their faces, etc. You may find it to be oddly strange, but it’s totally not. Dog lovers soak up every memorable moment and acknowledge that every little moment counts with their furry friends. I can attest to observing an individual whom I carry a dear friendship with who is literally obsessed with their pug and simply dogs in general. I cannot imagine observing this individual not petting or acknowledging a dog that they cross along the street at any time of any day. Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams and every social media outlet are plastered with dog pictures of some kind with all dog lovers, and dog selfies are the preferred choice over a personal photograph any day. But, there are also tons of rap songs that have been dedicated to rapper’s furry partners in crime that will be there for them when they have to toe the line. Here are five rhymes that rappers have dedicated to their furry friends.

Sticky Fingaz 

“My dogs is my guns
They attack any nigga that comes or any niggas that rings
If my Glocks on safe that means my dogs on the leash
Twenty shells in the clip, each bullet’s the teeth
Keep my dogs starvin’, they ain’t ate in days
Keep my guns loaded, they can’t wait to spray
My Glock is a Rot, my Four-Fifth is a Pit
My D.E. a bullmaster, who wanna get bit?
When my guns spark that means I let them loose in the park
Now let’s see if your bite is as big as your bark
My Nine against your Nine to the death, have a dogfight
Foamin’ at the mouthpiece, run the streets all night
My dogs turn to razors up North
They don’t wear collars, scratched the serial off
No owner, no dogtag, my dogs is illegal
They bite a hole in you so big you can see through”

Track – “My Dogs Is My Gunz”


“On and off the leash, I’m a beast
No one ever gonna cross me in the streets
My only worries if I’m gon’ eat because
Yeah nigga, live it how I spit it
Look at how I walk it
Y’all niggas could get it
But it must all go down
X is wit’ it because
You got it living BACK livin’ with salt
I’ma’ bring it BACK cause I’mma go hard
Fuckin’ til’ a nigga play the yard”

Track – “Walk These Dogs”

Andre Nickatina 

“A pitbull terrier carries in ya area
And he really ain’t sharin ya
Add a two door straight pirrhana
I keep it sparked like a rear end six-four of an impalla
Skinny baby done dollar
And when I rip theese raps to gat ya back it ain’t no prada
Nicky is a matador
Yo whatchu give it for
Its like rain when the money pour”

Track – “Pitbull Terrier”

Snoop Dogg

“You’se a flea, and I’m the Big Dogg
I’ll scratch you off my balls with my motherfuckin’ paws
Y’alls niggas better recognize
And see where I’m coming from: it’s still Eastside
Til I die. Why ask why?
As the world keeps spinning to the D-O-double G, Y”

Track – “Doggy Dogg World”

Wu-Tang Clan

“She blew in like calm breeze
Tall brown skin her, weave like palm trees
I went coconuts, dip my Dunkin’ between your Donut
Don’t want it if it ain’t no slut, bitch
Fathership touch ground like fly on soup
Don’t invite me I tear the fuck down
White boys cut my toupee
Seventh day rester, or screenplay
I slump MC slay, it ain’t nothin’ to bust ass
Bullet him, get him fast
Bitch I don’t break out, blast to the next rash
The dog piss on MCs like trees
Got meals but still grill that old good welfare cheese”

Track – “Dog Shit”

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