On the Rise: Travis Scott

Although he is just recently bringing to light his worth within the game, the Texas gangster, Travis Scott, is holding it down with two smash albums and a stage performance that lights up every single city that has the pleasure of observing. Beyond a musician, Travis $cott not only surprised his entire family with a brand new crib and entirely decked out crib for Christmas, he donates the big bucks to multiple outlets that aid in the development of kids in the hood that know nothing inside of themselves other than living a life up to no good. Here are five of his exemplary rhymes that prove that Travis is only beginning to make a name for himself in the game.

“Stackin’ up day to day
Young nigga you know you gotta go get it, go get it, my nigga
They hatin’, they stinkin’, they waitin’
Don’t be mistaken, we dyin’, they stayin’
Lord I’m on fire they think that I’m Satan
Callin’ me crazy on different occasions
Kickin’ the cameraman off of my stages
Cause I don’t like how he snappin’ my angles
I’m overboard and I’m over-impatient
Over my niggas and these kids my ages
Dealin’ with Mo’ shit that’s more complicated
Like these two bitches that might be related
H-Town, you got one and you Bun B like a number one
It’s late night, got a late show
If you wanna roll, I got a place where…”

Track – “Antidote”

“It was Friday, what a night what a situation
My nigga chase momma called cause he missed that graduation
He told her momma please, have a drink have a little bit patience
Cause soon we would be riding in a car with a little ventilation
Pastor said that we gotta move to congregation
I’m looking for salvation but I’m drowning in the revelations”

Track – “12 Disciples” 

“Pulled out of the hood Toyota
Drove back to the hood Lambo
Crushed xans, crushed xans in my soda
Riding around the city with my eyes closed
Crazy Girls got it popping, AOD got it popping
Tryna’ text my accountant
Ain’t no service in the mountains (straight up!)
Won’t you come to the bottom?
Know you heard a lot about ’em (yeah)
Heard they take that then they change like a mood ring
I watched them take that, then they change like a mood ring”

Track – “beibs in the trap”

“Would it be unlawful (yeah)
To spend a honeymoon in a brothel
And share pics from the camera
But they’ll be quick to turn that into a scandal
I’m down in the Meadows
Slidin’ down the Waterfall, creep to the ghetto
Need my Rio de Janeiro
And I’m swimmin’ out that bitch
Michael Phelps with the medals
So visit me(yeah)
I just built a castle deep(yeah-yeah)
In them trees(yeah)
That’s how I get them backwoods free”

Track – “Way Back”

“Pray for who lost they fate, and died too young
Pray for the ones I hate, the ones I love
Pray for my liver when I’m off in this club
I pray that the demons go away, they haunting us
Man, I can’t take no more of this lifestyle we been living
Man, I can’t take no more of the white powers in position
Gotta grab up J-Will, gotta scoop up J-Rich
Told Chase we ain’t going back, you know, we gotta hitch
I mean I’m, aggravated, agitated, I admit
Intoxicated, animated, got me feeling kinda lit
Contemplating fornicating, might as well fuck up some shit
They looking at me way too crazy, got me feeling communist”

Track – “Pray 4 Love”

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