Modern Day Mystic: Ab Soul – ‘Control System’

The mysterious creature clothed in earthly features, Ab Soul, has embodied a modern day mystic endowed with artistic characteristics that inspires a multitude of souls through his lyrical compositions of shamanistic hieroglyphics. The living, breathing God’s second album, ‘Control System’, has souls sinking into their chairs to step back from reality and gain perspective from a rapper turned retrospective detective who is exceedingly introspective. Drawing a lyrical picture of the thoughts that stem through his LA-bred medulla, it’s apparent that the TDE joker is out for more than mullah. ‘Control System’ dishes out conscious tracks that make an internal impact and transcend the boundaries of rap. If “Control System”, “ILLuminate”, “Terrorist Threats”, “Showin’ Love”, “Nothing’s Something” or “Pineal Gland” don’t send you into an alternative universe abounding with internal elevation and aspiration beyond stagnant vibrations, then you are missing the valuation of Ab Soul’s lyrical illustrations. Although each and every verse shakes things up and leads your speakers to erupt, here’s 15 of the most standout lines rhymes from ‘Control System’ that are bound to stand the test of time.


  1. “Wish I could see out of Selassie’ eye

Maybe my sovereignty would still be mine

If all the gangs in the world unified

We’d stand a chance against the military tonight.”

Track – “Terrorist Threats”


  1. “Blaze the booth, blaze the Buddha, this ain’t hookah

You hit this shit a few times, you might see the future.”

Track – “Pineal Gland”


  1. “Fucked around and put Del Amo on the map, nigga

Carson, Californication no travel agent

But every day’s a vacation and mothafuckas hate it.”

Track – “Showin’ Love”


  1. “My auntie told me always treat my lady right

My uncle told me only love ’em for a night

You can see the immediate disconnection

Between a man and a woman, the reason for regression.”

Track – “Double Standards”


  1. “Everything I love the most gets taken away

My momma and music is next

And if that happens before I turn 28

Then I’m going out wit’ Kurt Cobain.”

Track – “The Book of Soul”


  1. “Back when I first grabbed that pen

I told myself I was gon’ win, and I ain’t know when

But it was gon’ end up happening, I want in.”

Track – “Illuminate”


  1. “I just wanna grab that heater, run right in the cathedral

Aim it right at that preacher for miseducating the people.”

Track – “A Rebellion”


  1. “This is a shift in paradigm

I remember when I couldn’t spare a dime

Now I step in with a pair of dimes.”

Track – “ILLuminate”


  1. “In this world of luxury cars, and legal tender

Johnny want me like Wyclef Jean; gone til’ November.”

Track – “Track Two”


  1. “By the end of the night, I might need bail if a nigga test my might

I ain’t a bitch for nothin’, end of discussion.”

Track – “Nothing’s Something”


  1. “Your time is tickin’, the sky’s the limit

We in a space where matter don’t matter

Just spirit molecules and geometric patterns.”

Track – “Pineal Gland”


  1. “Let me tell you why I’m vexed

The same reason why I’m stressed, the same reason why I’m blessed

I stopped praying, and I started planning

I stopped playing, and I made it happen.”

Track – “Soul Ho3”


  1. “I ain’t got no gavel, I ain’t tryin’ to fight nobody battle

I just wanna be free, I ain’t tryin’ to be nobody’s chattel.”

Track – “Terrorist Threats”


  1. “My only fear is fear itself

I ain’t afraid to die, more afraid of myself.”

Track – “Beautiful Death”


  1. “I run the town like Roc Nation, no exaggeration

Bet I rise like Lazarus, use your imagination.”

Track – “Track Two”

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