Hip-Hop’s Elite Photographers

Ever since the first photograph was developed, a cavalcade of photographic processes have framed our perceptions of image. Waxing and waning through coloration and tonal range is seemingly natural for a variety of Hip-Hop photographers who have the pleasure of touring the world and following the greats while capturing seemingly every one of their actions with their idiosyncratic vision and artistic vulnerability is downright enrapturing. Through simultaneously spinning humanity’s wheels and evoking deep feelings of intimacy and affection from the hip hop gods, these three photographers are cleverly conflicting with their kaleidoscopic mix of colours, textures and backdrops contrasting against bold objects and human beings that reign supreme. The photographers I am about to mention have forward-thinking minds and inventive appetites for providing visual highlights that emit quality and depth within their unique elucidation. The aesthetic language of photography that these photographers lace into the Hip-Hop game allows each shot to be approachable and invites its viewers to question what conversation was flowing while the work itself subliminally communicates the message.

Ivan Berrios


Alright, Roc Nation photographer, Ivan Berrios, may or may not have the dream “job”. Ivan has traveled the entire world with DJ Khaled for years and recently created memories that’ll last a lifetime for all of those lucky children who attended Beyonce’s recent (see above) ‘Formation World Tour’. Ivan captures photography in a manner that is intriguing, deeply personal, enlightening and compelling. For more of Mr. Berrios’ work, check him out on Instagram.

Lenny “Kodak Lens” Santiago

Capturing some of Hip-Hop’s most striking moments and bringing to life the emotion in the room, Roc Nation photographer, Lenny Santiago, has recently shared some of the hottest, most personal photos of hip-hop snapped by him via his camera phone. It’s not about the lens or amount of equipment for Lenny; it’s the vision, and Lenny’s vision is what makes him one of the best in the game. Lenny captures excellence and the moments in which Hip-Hop stars feel their best as they continue to raise the bar. Not only is Lenny’s Roc Nation golden office one of the most standout and well-known photography studio’s around, Hip-Hop stars kill to have a seat on one of Lenny’s thrones. Check out the man on Instagram.

Trevor Traynor

Trevor Traynor captures the moment where Hip-Hop gods feel seemingly omnipotent. Capturing legendary feels emitted from some of the greats including Method Man, Kendrick Lamar, Yassin Bey and more, Trevor’s photographic skills makes jaws drop to the floor and leaves Hip-Hop game-changers in line for more. Check out Trevor’s website to see what is in store for 2017.

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