Down and Dirty Hip-Hop

Sexual expression is profuse and profane in the Hip-Hop game and no matter whose ears the rhymes and beats land upon, there is no line to cross when it comes to downright dirty lyrical delivery. Ever since the golden Hip-Hop era in the 80’s and before, Hip-Hop hustlers and ladies have been lacing their filthy sexual fantasies into their lyricism and stimulating a night full of exploration between lovers. It’s always going down in the nitty-gritty world of trap music and there are some ladies who are so confident with their tongue and mouth game that they have surpassed any personal boundaries and delivered the message that they know that their sexual disposition is the golden present. The freedom of expression is a gift that keeps giving and in our society, bold sexual conveyances are what keeps some of the baddest in the game winning. Whether eating it up or insinuating that they’re ready to fuck, here are five of the filthiest Hip-Hop/Rap rhymes that will either turn you on or make you wanna go to church to confess your sins.


“First you gotta put your neck into it
Don’t stop, just do it, do it
Then, you roll your tongue
From the crack back to the front
Then you suck it all til I shake and cum, nigga
Make sure I keep busting nuts, nigga
All over your face and stuff
Slow head, show me so much love
The best head comes from a thug
The dick good: thick, big and long
Slow thumping til the crack of dawn
On the X, making faces and stuff
Through the night, making so much love
Dead sleep when the sun comes up
My neck, my back
Lick my pussy and my crack.”

Khia – “My Neck, My Back”


“Blowjob Betty better blow me up
I remember the day when I first met her
Bitch kinda loose so I knew I’d get her
Walked up to her said
“my name is $hort, just what you’ve been lookin’ for”
Pimp is my game, I do it the best
Ho fuck with me, she don’t get no rest
Well after that, I G’ed the freak
I used to stop by and fuck about twice a week
And from the very first time I went to her house
Walked in the door and stuck my dick in her mouth
$hort Dog’ll get bitches anytime I wanna
Got a big dick and lay it right on her tonsils
Only stick it in about half way back
Cause if I put it all in, it bust straight through her neck
Niggas always sayin’ how they fucked that bitch
But I’m the only nigga that the bitch made rich
Like any other tramp she loved to fuck
With any motherfucker got nuts to suck
I spit game to the bitch, just like this
Why you runnin’ round suckin’ all that dick for no money?
It didn’t take long to stay true to the game
And get my pimpin’ on
But every once in a while you get a stupid ho
Bitch ain’t about money and she’ll never know how to get it
Blowjob Betty was dumb
A fiend for a fuck and a mouth full of cum
She made money for a minute but she loved the sex
So I cut the bitch loose like a old school vet”

Too $hort – “Blowjob Betty”


“Creamin your teeth like dentists as I’m rubbin them
With an erection like injections, fuck it I be druggin them
Numbing up your tonsils, like Anbesol anesthetic
Cummin down your throat like chloraseptic (take it out my mouth)
No time for apologin.. girlfriend if you..
Swallowin {gurgle}.. garglin
I’m givin bitches permanent beards
Put your lips here and catch these damn facial hairs
In your mouth.”

Akinyele – “Put It In Your Mouth”


“If you drivin in the street, hold on to your seat
Niggas, grab your meat while I ride the beat
And if you see a shiny black Lamborghini fly by ya
That’s me the Knight Rider
Dressed in all black with the gat in the lap
Lunatics in the street – gotta keep the heat
Sixty on the bezel, a hundred on the rings
Sittin pretty baby with a Cash Money bling
12 A.M. I’m on the way to club
After three bottles I’ll be ready to fuck
Some niggas even put me on their grocery lists
Right next to the whip cream and box of chocolates
Designer pussy, my shit come in flavors
High-class taste niggas got to spend paper
Lick it right the first time or you gotta do it over
Like it’s rehearsal for a Tootsie commercial”

Lil’ Kim – “How Many Licks”


“Another girl I met, her experience vast because
Most girls with kids done been hit in their ass before
Picked her up sunset
Don’t be late for dinner, ma
Bringing honey home from the date at the cinema
Thinking how to fuck the ass so plottin’
Blown in the elevator, hit the stop button
She smiled, by knowing her butt I wanna bore
I said “Can I have a kiss now instead of in front of your front door”
Although The Ruler tried not to push hard
I’m all over the bitch like an octopus
Deep down I know she also wanna fuck
Though I kept my tongue in her mouth so not to put her on the spot
To have to talk no shit to prevent me from bonin’
Unzip the bra, when the hooker start moanin’ and
Expose my espresso suck on her and lick on her
Unbucklin’ pulling out mad long dick on her
Panties in the way of that, but I want to check it out
Slipped her wet drawers down her thigh and took her leg out
Her butt was juicy kinda fat
Spun around start to stick her in the pussy from the back
She came, mad juice dripped out
Still in the pussy then acted like it slipped out
Cum on the floor, She said “Pardon the puddle”

Slick Rick – “Adults Only”

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