Don’t Call It a Comeback: De La Soul

De La Soul in NYC

Every once in awhile, a group that has been through the ropes of the record industry comes back with a bang that drives your Hip-Hop mind insane. Long Island Hip-Hip trio, De La Soul, have toured the world and have taken musical risks that showcase their artistic diversity throughout a mixed bag of melodically and nitty-gritty discs. De La Soul members Posdnous, Dave and Maseo came back with fire in their bellies in 2016 and charged forward with their ninth full-studio length album, ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’, which received praise worldwide for being crowd-funded in less than 24 hours by a Kickstarter that was started by the legendary group to fund the project. Intellectual Hip-Hop is making a change in the world and society needs frontrunners like the men of De La Soul to spill the beans on the reality of everyday life with grace, realism and the notion of equality. In celebration of the legendary trio, here are six rhymes from their discography that innovatively cuts through the bullshit and proves that the Hip-Hop pioneers can come back at any time and spill spit worthy rhymes.


Proud, I’m proud of what I am
Poems I speak are Plug Two type
Please oh please let Plug Two be
Himself, not what you read or write
Write is wrong when hype is written
On the Soul, De La that is
Style is surely our own thing
Not the false disguise of show-biz
De La Soul is from the soul
And in fact I can’t deny
Strictly from the Dan called Stuckie
And from me myself and I

Track – “Me Myself and I”



The instamatic focal point bringing damage to your boroughs
Be some brothers from the east with them beats that be thorough
Got the solar gravitation so I’m bound to pull it
I gets down like brothers are found ducking from bullets
Gun control means using both hands in my land
Where it’s all about the cautious livin’
Migrating to a higher form of consequence, compliments
Of strugglin’, that shouldn’t be notable
Man every word I say should be a hip hop quotable

Track – “Stakes Is High”



“Out of line, I breeze into the early mornin
Freak the WIC call and get a tap on my shoulder
Cause the days of the breaks, be just about over
The arts of the six won’t play my bag of tricks
I got the sevens in my pocket somewhere
Reasons for the Cheer All Temperature here
I keep it to the rear, and then I’m exploding”

Track – “Breakadown”



“Yo! It’s been instilled in me since infinite y’all
Usin these minutes like I value the call
Put your money in the bank, and hold rank
Over friends who ain’t got leadership skills
I got the sheep in my eyes so I can’t sleep
We like the, land and laid, the brand old way
Grand operate the scandal way, L.I. sheist
I play the X-Box instead of fuckin with dice
I hate losin to those who walk away with my dough
Cause I goes, crazy broke man
And now she wanna see the resident provokin me
To pop wheelies on my bicycle, watch her eyes twinkle
One house, two houses, third house
House rules so house take bank, watch Dave bank
Banner had ’em on the hawk since Atlanta extravaganza
Gamma ray rap I make the Hulk snap
Jump back like James Brown, hey now
When the liquor over we smokin the hay now
Delegatin numero dos, I holla out the sound of los
And keep the Island close to me”

Track – “Much More”



“It’s the years that we own and we earned them
See the bridges we built now are burned down
Even though a few friends just returned them
Shit and shit there we affirm them
Though the pattern has always been righteous
We know darkness
So we wipe dust
From our eyes, no surprise when the broom come
We do night like the honor, the moon, sun
People think we are linked to the solving
Of the problem that’s revolvin’
Around music today but it’s not true
We just do it our way cause we’re not you
But we know you
We embrace you like brothers, bestow you
With an outro that’s also an intro
For the east, and the west, and the central”

Track – “Exodus”



“Levels we’ve set will never go down
Competitions commence the step down
Those involved with peace who know the Soul’s down
Can see that the Soul has got a new sound”

Track – “Change In Speak”

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