Prodigy: ‘The Hegelian Dialectic’

New York rapper Albert Johnson aka Prodigy is back from behind bars and spittin’ the truth harder than ever over the his eighth studio album, ‘The Hegelian Dialectic’, which deeply touches base on worlds opportunities, being stripped dead and losing everything that you have, starving, going through hell and returning more in tune than ever. For lack of better words, Prodigy shoves it to those who are solely spittin’ for the game and has crafted this album as a reminder that their is a higher purpose behind the curtains. The manner in which Prodigy ties in psychological talks by some of the greatest thinkers of all time and exerts from multiple awakening podcasts and networks is fluid in its delivery and adds a unique touch that hasn’t been delivered in such a potent manner in quite some time within the world of conscious Hip-Hop. Prodigy is hot and it’s going to be tough to cool him off after this album; let’s just hope that he decides to bring the energy that he felt creating this album to the stage, because you can feel his empowered energy throughout the entire album. Here are five of the most real and raw rhymes from the album.

“My confidence like armor
I know with all my being
That I coul do anything
I just work hard and I achieve it
Now watch me create money
For the next 300 years
So my great grand kids’ll eat food
Off of these words I’m saying here
Yeah, I wrote this with you in mind
I’m so far ahead of my time
My body will never catch up to where my brain is at
Sometime I gotta slow down and pace myself
I’m going too much over ya’ll head
My school of thought like the Essenes
And some secrets are best kept sacred
It’s one big religious war with these old books
Who’s wrong or right, who cares?
Wake up, they diverting our attention
From what’s really going on right here, right now
Toxic food, it’s causing cancer, you don’t have to smoke
Toxic politicians, the system is rigged but go ‘head and vote”

Track – “Tyranny”

“Grandmama taught me how to run my own business
Granddad taught me how to write my own lyrics
My pops taught me violence, my moms taught me peace and love
That made a great balance, my positive and negative charge
Will blow the gauge
I’m off the meter, I’m a creature unlike anything you’ve seen
Stop lyin’, you ain’t ever heard of nothin’ like P
Been jockin’ my style since I was 15
I’m groundbreakin’, I should have my own genre
You sound like every other rapper, you washed up
The streets taught me how to spot fraudulence
Like as soon as I see it I already peeped it
You ain’t low, mothafucka, roaches I put the lights on
You should be yourself more, get you more far
The pragmatic life, get a grip on it
Yeah Fatima gave birth to a warrior”

Track – “The Good Fight”

“Bright gangsta, I’m a cool brotha
Smart mothafucka, and I still shoot guns
For the life of me, can’t figure these people out
I try to love them, but they pull the hatred out
From inside of me, the lion was tryin’ to sleep
Yeah you fucked up now, you just woke up the beast
Now it’s skull and bones all over the turf
I take the show on the road, that’s all over the earth
It’s P, not Diddy and the Family
I dry mop niggas up, it won’t even be
One drop of blood, no trace for the forensics
I clean up nice when I take a devil head
And Lord knows, I’m a godsend, I’m anti
Satan and you antichrist, ism in the eyes, chico
They the windows to the soul
And I can see fake people with my eyes closed
I done told you”

Track – “Snakes”

“Listen, I’ve got a diamond heart, 24 karat blood
My body is my temple, bitch, I am the plug
Whole universe is my outlet, I and I, we are one
Respect the flower of life, or get your petal plucked like
She love me or she love me not?
You love me or you love what I got?
It’s okay if you’re scared, turn your fear into power
We got serpents in the garden, some of those apples are sour

Track – “Spiritual War”

“I give thanks to the creator ’cause my life is blessed
And wish all the haters nothing but the best
This is Infamous ’till the name wear out
Clock run out, sun burn out and all hell freezes over
When Babylon fall , I’ll be by the shoulder
Of the Most High, laughing my balls off like good riddance
Until then I’ll be in the soup kitchen
Cookin’ up shit like this for poverty stricken
Under privileged, brothers and sisters
We’re soldiers of the global resistance, forgive me
For being late, I was goin’ through some things
I had to come of age and go through growing pains
You don’t realize what you got ’till it’s gone
I had to lose it all to see what I was doing wrong
I was stripped bare down to my soul and burnt out
Then rose like a Phoenix through the fire
These people get fat while we starve and go through hell
Nobody looking for no hand out, we offer our skills
In return for a little scraps
And on the glass, I seen you laugh when I turned my back
They say revenge is a sweet dish best served cold
But fuck that I need mine fresh off the stove
Yeah it’s best served cold, but fuck that I need mine fresh”

Track – “Hunger Pangs”

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