Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “They Reminiscence Over You” Turns Twenty-Five

As one of the most recognizable songs in hip hop’s storied history, few can say that they’ve had the same impact as legendary producer-and-M.C. combo Pete Rock & CL Smooth has had with their debut single “They Reminiscence Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”. The song, which is dedicated to Heavy D & the Boyz member Troy “Trouble T-Roy” Dixon, touches on the impact Mr. Dixon has had on the hip hop group.

“Take the first letter out of each word in this joint

Listen close as I prove my point

T to the R the O-Y, how did you and I meet?

In front of Big Lou’s, fighting in the street

But only you saw what took many time to see

I dedicate this to you for believing in me.”


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