Jay Z Pulls Catalog From Apple Music and Spotify

Jay Z’s extensive catalog of solo music has been pulled from Apple Music and Spotify. According to a statement to The Verge, Spotify confirmed that the removal was due to a request from the artist. This marks the third time Jay Z, the principal owner of the subscription based music streaming service TIDAL, pulled his catalogue from competing services and the first time he pulled content since Sprint purchased a 33% stake in Tidal back in January.

TIDAL, which has had some issues with accusations of inflating their subscription numbers, will receive $200 million from the Sprint deal and look to continue to increase their paid subscription count. The company’s reportedly inflated 1 million paid subscribers back in September 2015 and 3 million paid subscribers last year is still less than a tenth of that of Spotify, which leads the industry with 50 million paid subscribers.

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