Kehlani: ‘SweetSexySavage’

Generating buzz throughout the world with her soulful, sensual and downright raw lyrical deliveries are stemming up ladies world’s and cooking up emotions around the world. Her charismatic charm shines throughout her entire newly released debut album, ‘SweetSexySavage’, where the 21 year olds West Coast vibes laced with intensity are soaking up the charts and lighting up hearts. Carrying sensual tracks such as “Everything Is Yours”, “Undercover” and “Get Like”, this album is bound to top 2017 lists at the end of the year and will certainly continue to generate buzz throughout the Hip-Hop/R&B world for months to come. Here are five of the most standout rhymes from ‘SweetSexySavage’.

“In the presence of struggle
Everyone has hope
But what if we run out?
There’s no rich and no poor
No waves on the shore
All the trees burn down
We’re ruining our own mother
Stomping her right to the ground
Then when we beg for forgiveness
We never walk the mile
I know you can hear me
Feel you all around
Just wish that you could answer
Or even make a sound
Oh I’ve got questions God
Like why don’t you tell us what we’re doing wrong?”

Track – “Collect Call”

“Thinkin’ bout your bed when I shouldn’t be
Missing all that when I shouldn’t be
You was on the road, I was on the road
We’d be back to back, back and forth
They know how it goes, know you got your pride
Just admit you hate being alone
Know you allowed to know
I’m sitting right beside your throne
(Oh, oh) I’d ignored my friends, they ain’t gon’ make it all work
(Oh, oh) But I just can’t say that you know my worth
(Oh, oh) End of the day, you’re still my first
At the end of the day, I know you’re worse”

Track – “Everything Is Yours”

“I confess, after we get down we always leave a mess
Don’t wanna get dressed
We get loud, don’t think anyone can make me make a sound
Know that make you proud
Cause I’m shy and just a little awkward
But you bring it out of me, out of me
You’re the only one that I get like
You’re the only one that I get like
(Get like this for)”

Track – “Get Like”

“Why you be doing me scandalous?
You just assume that I’m strong and can handle it
Why do you make me feel like I’m less than my worth
And it won’t be for long, I ain’t having it
You don’t do the shit that you said would be done
You find it fun, to feel shit and run
Love like a gun, it leaves me stunned
Out on the floor and I just can’t get up
And I don’t know why I’m even still here
Can’t shake it off, I’ve been here for years on top of years
And I, I’m ready to, I’m ready to, be off of you
‘Cause I admit, that baby I, I just may be stuck on you”

Track – “In My Feelings”

“I know that you hear this
And you gon’ just know that I’m speaking to you
Shouldn’t have got so ahead of yourself
Now you’re losing your cool
I know that you know that I’m right
You admitted that I am the truth
But look you at you now, look at your face
Looking sad in the booth
Signed off a tape, chewed off a tape
Did it alone, and I ain’t touched a plate
You was my nigga, we could have been great
You so far gone, got you thinking you’re safe
All said and done you lost my respect
All said and done you’re the one I regret
Now you gon’ watch from the crowd
Lookin’ up like the rest”

Track – “Personal”

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