Large Professor Celebrates 44th Birthday With Star-Studded Lineup

Natasha Diggs, Lord Finesse and Just Blaze were just a couple of the big names in attendance for Large Professor’s birthday bash in New York City on Monday night. Ranked by as the fifth best hip hop producer of all time, there was nothing but love for the New York native and former Main Source producer. The vibes were great and the music was even better. DJ Supreme, Boogie Blind and the 45 King were also on the 1s and 2s.

Just Blaze on the 1s and 2s.

In honor of the legendary producers 44th born day, we’re going to count down the forty four greatest beats from Flushing’s Finest.

44. Radioactive

43. One Plus One Ft. Nas

42. ‘Maica Living

41. Peace is Not the Word to Play

40. Queens Lounge

39. Happy Days R Here

38. Kick Da Habit

37. Dancin’ Girl

36. Big Willie

35. Back In Time

34. Spacey

33. Party Time

32. In The Ghetto

31. Classic Emergency

30. Pump Ya Fist Like This

29. Stay Chisel Ft. Nas

28. ‘Bout That Time

27. Frantic Barz

26. Hungry

25. M.A.R.S.

24. Light Years

23. Hot: Sizzlin’, Scorchin’, Torchin’, Blazin’

22. Barber Shop Chop

21. Hip Hop


19. Live Again

18. Large Pro:Verbs

17. Act Like You Know

16. Straight From The Golden Ft. Busta Rhymes

15. Just Hangin’ Out

14. Key To The City

13. Watch Roger Do His Thing

12. Rewind

11. Built Pyramids

10. One Time 4 Your Mind

9. Mad Scientist

8. The LP

7. You’re Da Man

6. Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em

5. Looking at the Front Door

4. Live at the Barbeque

3. Bowne

2. Halftime

1. It Ain’t Hard to Tell

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