All artists on this list are new up-and-comers. Our list excludes artist(s) that have already released a full length studio album.

1. Chance the Rapper
Chicago M.C.
Chance The Rapper is a three time Grammy award winning artist. He is currently working on his debut studio album.
2. Zay Rock
Queens M.C.
Zay Rock is an up-and-coming hip hop artist based in New York City. His first mixtape "The Chosen One" is scheduled to be released later this year.
3. Dave East
East Harlem M.C.
Dave East is an American rapper from East Harlem, New York. He gained attention with the release of many successful mixtapes and signed a deal with legendary Queens rapper Nas' record label Mass Appeal Records.
4. Young M.A
Brooklyn M.C.
Young M.A is a talented hip hop artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Born in NYC and spending some time in the state of Virginia during her adolescent years, Young M.A. is one of the hottest emcees coming out the B.K. since 2013 XXL Freshman Joey Bada$$.
5. Russ
Jersey M.C.
Russ is an up-and-coming artist that was birthed in New Jersey. In 2016, Russ signed with Columbia Records.
6. Noname
Chicago M.C.
With her 2016 mixtape "Telefone," Fatimah Warner, better known by her stage name Noname is one of the best known rappers in Chicago's underground scene. She rose to prominence as a featured artist on Chance the Rapper's highly anticipated "Coloring Book" mixtape.
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7. Desiigner
Brooklyn M.C.
Sidney Selby III, better known as Desiigner, is a Grammy-nominated rapper from Brooklyn, New York.
8. Yung TM
Fort Worth M.C.
Yung TM is an up-and-coming rapper from Fort Worth, Texas.