Y.G. (Young Gods)

What is a Y.G.?

Y.G. is an abbreviation for “Young God.” We believe that there are a lot of young talented emcees, DJs and producers out there that have god-given talents but no creative outlet to display that talent. Instead of crowding the already very packed subways, buses and streets of New York City and forcing innocent bystanders to listen to your music, why not come directly to the people who can best assist you?

How can you guys help?

Our website receives thousands of hits per day, and a good chunk of our visitors are from the New York metropolitan area. With our vast network of professional readers gainfully employed in the greatest city in the world, why not showcase your talent to them in the form of an audio or visual recording? Simply upload your music to SoundCloud or Youtube and if we like it, we’ll feature you on our site. Who knows, maybe your music will find its way into the hands of the CEO of Roc Nation.

Can I pay for a feature?

Unfortunately, no. In order for us to maintain our integrity as a hip hop publication, we will be keeping it as authentic to hip hop culture as possible. All of the artists we feature are Y.G.’s because of their skill set and pure talent, not because they wrote us a check. You can buy many things in this materialistic world of ours but you can’t buy the respect of the people.